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the body furling….

The human spine tends to furl inward as we age. Over time the body becomes more compressed and muscles respond by becoming less flexible.  Our years of experience and education have taught us this process of the body furling, or the muscles tightening around our bones, leads to pain and dysfunction.

how massage therapy helps to prevent and reverse this process?

At Unfurl we observe your patterns, posture, and alignment. We work to find the areas where your muscles are spastic and uncomfortable; contributing to overall dysfunction or pain in your body. 

Our therapists utilize many bodywork and deep tissue massage techniques to release tight muscles, relieving local pain and trigger points - allowing the body to unfurl.   

Massage therapy also is proven to increase the overall circulation of blood and lymph in the body.  Circulation is very important to our physical and mental well-beings and contributes to many medical conditions, pain, and stress levels.

maintaining your pain-free body with movement…

After massage is utilized to release the body and allow for a strong and healthy posture, movement is needed to retrain the body to stay in a healthy position.  Yoga and Corrective Exercise coaching helps to hold the body in a more comfortable posture, hopefully prevent future injury and past pain from reoccuring.  Conditioning programs include exercises that you can do easily anywhere with little to minimal equipment. 

addressing your overall lifestyle choices with wellness and life coaching...

Do you have a change you want to make to better your life? 

Coaching is an open space in which we work together to find ways you can accomplish the goals and vision you have for your life.  We work to discover barriers holding you back from where you want to be.  We then experiment with different things that feel good to you to get you closer to where you want to be in your life.  Examples can include weight loss, exercise programs, stress-reduction, and many more. 

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